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DHT updates on RRS Discovery's conservation

Updated: May 10

Dundee Heritage Trust has given a new update on conservation works at the RRS Discovery.

The ship, which was constructed in Dundee in 1901, has been abuzz with activity over the past few weeks as she undergoes extensive conservation efforts.

In a Facebook post that was published today, the team at RRS Discovery updated people on the ongoing work that has been carried out in the past few weeks.

Despite the flurry of work, the ship remains open to visitors, offering a unique glimpse into her ongoing transformation, where folk can engage with the skilled Scottish heritage engineers who are tirelessly preserving Discovery and her captivating tales for generations to come.

In recent days, Blast Clean Scotland has been hard at work delicately glass blasting the sail locker in the stern. This meticulous process removes layers of paint, allowing the original timbers to breathe and undergo assessment for necessary care or replacement.

Above deck, Mackay Boat Builders have been diligently replacing the aft skids with new ones crafted from locally sourced Douglas Fir. The old skids, repurposed by JPS Restoration, find new life in other areas of the conservation effort.

Meanwhile, JPS Restoration has been erecting a protective cover over the ship's bridge, laying the groundwork for caulking in the weeks ahead.

The dedicated crew onboard are tending to brass accents, and treating the helm with linseed oil to ensure every detail is shipshape.

A special thanks to the National Heritage Memorial Fund whose support has made these crucial works possible.

Dundee Heritage Trust have also reiterated that they are still reliant on the support for the ship's conservation efforts and address any unforeseen repairs that may arise. Join us on this voyage to preserve history and keep Discovery sailing for years to come.


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