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10 cool facts you should know about Chandler's Lane

Chandler's Lane is one of the most tight-knitted streets in Dundee. Situated nearby City Quay and the Tay Road Bridge, Chandler's Lane has played a key role in the development of Dundee as a city.

Here are ten cool facts that you should know about this bonnie wee street.

It is one of the oldest streets in Dundee

Chandler's Lane is one of the oldest and most intact historic streets in Dundee, with buildings dating back to 1837. The street was influential in the development of Dundee as a city as it housed organisations and businesses.

It was the location of the offices for the former Panmure Shipyard

The buildings on Chandler's Lane were originally used for various industrial purposes, including workshops for the Panmure Shipyard, which was involved in shipbuilding and repair.

It played a significant role in the RRS Discovery's history

Speaking of the Panmure Shipyard, which was located on the east side of the lane, it was notable for being the location of where the RRS Discovery was built in 1901 by the Dundee Shipbuilders Company.

The RRS Discovery is now situated at the Dundee waterfront after she returned to the city back in 1986.

There was a Blacksmith's workshop on the street

A large chimney on the lane marks the location of a former blacksmith's workshop, known locally as the "smiddy," where ship's chains were repaired.

The patent slip, a marine railway used for ship repair, was an essential feature of the area. Although largely infilled in the mid-20th century, parts of it still remain as part of a residential courtyard.

It is now occupied by housing

The former industrial buildings were converted into private homes around 2006, maintaining much of their historical architecture while adapting to modern residential use.

The architecture features a mix of various designs

The buildings feature a variety of architectural details, including sash windows, piended roofs with slate coverings, and a mix of multi-pane glazing patterns.

It is the most "Instagrammable" street in Dundee

The historic and stunning architecture that Chandler's Lane has is popular among Instagram users who are either from Dundee, or come and visit the city. It continually is featured in many posts which relate to Dundee tourism.

It was not always called Chandler's Lane

The area has also been known historically as Marine Parade, with buildings referred to as the Harbour Workshops and Patent Slip

The street was altered due to the arrival of the Tay Road Bridge

10. **Tay Road Bridge Impact**: The tidal harbour to the west of Chandler's Lane was infilled during the construction of the Tay Road Bridge, which opened in 1966.


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