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Dundee Culture welcomes any article submissions or requests. Any content promoting the great things happening in Dundee is always welcomed!

Please use the contact form if you have such a request and make sure it includes every detail, this will help me understand what you’d like to have put on Dundee Culture’s website. I will try to get to every submission as soon as I can – but understand that I am only one person!

NOTE: Dundee Culture does not accept submissions or material that has already been published nor explicit material which seeks to call out an individual, group or organisation.

Dundee Culture also very strongly opposes any submission which seeks to discriminate people based on their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or appearance.

Dundee Culture also does not accept any political material from any political party.

Dundee Culture is a place for everyone who loves Dundee. 

If you are interested in advertising on or sponsoring Dundee Culture, be it by an advert here on Dundee Culture's website or social media accounts, then get in touch, I'll be delighted to hear from you!

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