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This open-top tour bus in Dundee takes you right up to the Law

Picture: Xplore Dundee

Summer is just around the corner, and with the weather being so bonnie recently, the open-top tour bus in Dundee was ready and waiting at the waterfront.

The Discover Dundee tour bus was launched in 2022 by Xplore Dundee in response to increase in visitors to the city. Prices range from £12 per adult, £6 per child and £26 for a family pass. It is a hop-on, hop-off service, and not only is your ticket valid for 24 hours, but you can go on to any other Xplore Dundee bus in the city for that period of time.

You can catch the tour bus at the waterfront - in front of the RRS Discovery. There, you leave to travel towards Riverside before heading up to the city centre.

After whizzing past the waterfront where you can see the V&A Dundee, RRS Discovery in all it's glory, the bus takes you up to the Nethergate where you can see The Old Steeple, Dundee Contemporary Arts and the Dundee Rep. It then travels next to the DC Thomson Building and the McManus Galleries.

From there, the bus takes you up to the top of the Hilltown before heading to next to the Dundee Law where the bus stays for a brief period before leaving to allow you to have the chance to trek up the Law and see the absolutely stunning 360 degree view of Dundee. You can relax and chill on the Law for a while before the bus returns to collect you.

After heading back down the opposite way, the tour bus takes you past the Hilltown Clock, City Quay before returning to the waterfront and going across the Tay.

Going across the Tay Road Bridge is definitely a highlight of the tour, not only is it refreshing to have the fresh breeze hitting you on the face, but you also have absolutely stunning views of the Dundee skyline as you return briefly from a very short jaunt to Fife.

The Discover Dundee tour bus operates throughout the entirety of the summer months, 10am to 5pm each day on the hour, you can view more information here.

If you're a Dundonian that wants to be a tourist in your hometown or a visitor who is coming to Dundee on a city break, this bus is for you.


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