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What's the deal with that covered up car in Dundee's Greenmarket?

Updated: May 10

The public art piece was installed in 2008.

When you are in Seabraes, chances are that you might have past what appears to be a car covered in tarpaulin - but in actual fact, it is a cool public art piece.

This public art piece, called Catalyst, was installed in 2008.

It was commissioned by Dundee City Council as part of the Percent for Art project for the adjacent car park, with a grant from the Scottish Arts Council.

Designed by Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion, the sculpture was made from a special type of concrete called TX Aria, it's not just eye-catching; it also helps clean the air.

This special concrete contains a material called titanium dioxide, which reacts with sunlight to break down nasty stuff like carbon monoxide and sulfur monoxide in the air.

These pollutants turn into harmless nitrates that stick to the concrete until it rains. Then, the nitrates wash away and get absorbed by plants and soil.

It's the first time this kind of concrete has been used in the UK, showing Dundee's commitment to both art and the environment.

This art piece isn't just beautiful; it's making a positive impact on the city's air quality.


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