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The history of the Cox's Stack in Dundee

Every city has an iconic feature on their skyline, be it Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, the CN Tower in Toronto, or the One World Trade Centre in New York. For Dundee, we have Cox's Stack, an impressive feat of engineering which has stood the test of time.

The Cox's Stack can be seen from any angle of Dundee, even as far as Broughty Ferry on a bonnie day.

The Cox's Stack is Dundee's tallest free standing structure, sitting at 282 feet high. It was constructed as part of the Camperdown Works jute factory complex in Lochee, which at the time of completion, was the largest in the world.

During the construction of Cox's Stack, over a million bricks were used to build the structure - and the design was inspired by the Italian campanile, most notably St. Mark's Campanile in Venice.

The Cox's Stack became a symbol of Dundee's power and influence in the 19th and 20th centuries, showing off to the world that it meant business.

It was highly regarded as the best industrial chimney in Scotland.

It was named after the Cox brothers who oversaw the construction and operation of the Camperdown Works jute factory.

Following the closure of the Camperdown Works jute factory in 1986, there were plans to keep the Cox's Stack, and rightly so, it became a symbol of Dundee's most impressive industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, a testament to - and a reminder of the hardship that was faced in the jute mills during that era in Dundee's history.

Around this time, Cox's Stack was considered to be the location of an neon advertising tower, which would have be on the same par as many of the neon lights seen in Las Vegas, alas, this plan was scrapped - and to be blunt, it wouldn't have been a good idea, just imagine the locals in the houses nearby having to withstand its brightness.

Cox's Stack continues to tower over Dundee to this very day, becoming a symbol of Lochee, and Dundee as a whole.

With the former site of the Camperdown Works now transformed into the Stack Retail Park, Cox's Stack has become the signature feature of the park and after the retail park went under a significant renovation, it has allowed more Dundonians to look at this historic chimney in more detail.

It may not be classed as a tourist attraction, however it is a landmark in itself.

It dominates the city's skyline, and although it can often be remembered for the hardship faced by jute workers in the city, it is a structure that Dundee continues to look on with pride, a symbol that shows the world that even 150 years on from it's completion, the Cox's Stack still shows Dundee's fighting determination that this is a city which continues to mean business many upon many decades on.


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