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Taylor Swift concert causes American family to be "dramatically exiled" to Dundee – but there's no Bad Blood

The headline “Forced to stay in Dundee” splashed across Edinburgh Live has certainly caught some attention, and not necessarily in the way they intended. At first glance, it sounds like the plot of a suspenseful thriller or a dramatic tale of survival.

But when you dig into the story, it’s about an American family having to stay in Dundee because hotels in Edinburgh are either full or too expensive as they come to visit for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. This might be a hassle, sure, but let’s be real: it’s far from a calamity.

To give you context, Edinburgh Live reported on the story of Tracey Rennie, a 58-year-old from Virginia, who faced a problem when her Vrbo reservation in West Lothian was cancelled just weeks before their trip.

Scrambling to find accommodations as places quickly filled up, she had to book five different hotels. As a result, the family will spend one night in Dundee.

Tracey planned the family holiday, which begins in France and ends in Edinburgh, so her 20-year-old daughter Rachael could attend Taylor Swift's Eras tour at Murrayfield on Saturday, June 8 - which is absolutely fantastic and there will be memories made there for Rachael and her family that will last a lifetime!

That being said, Dundee is a mere stone's throw from Edinburgh. The train connections between the two cities are frequent and efficient. You can hop on a train in Dundee and be in Edinburgh in a little over an hour.

That’s less time than it takes to get through a good movie. So, the idea that being “forced” to stay in Dundee is some kind of hardship is, quite frankly, a bit overblown.

Now, let’s address Dundee itself. Far from being a dreary exile, Dundee has plenty to offer. It’s a vibrant city with a rich cultural scene, fantastic eateries, and some stunning sights.

On the practical side, staying in Dundee can be a blessing in disguise. Accommodation tends to be more affordable than in the capital, and the city is generally less crowded, offering a more relaxed experience.

For a family, this can mean more space, less stress, and a bit more room in the budget for activities and dining out. And a bonus – you’re literally staying in a city that sits on the banks of the River Tay.

So, why the dramatic headline from Edinburgh Live? Perhaps they’re just trying to inject a bit of excitement into the daily grind.

But let’s not forget the broader perspective: being “forced” to stay in Dundee is hardly a catastrophe. In fact, it might just be a delightful detour.

While Edinburgh is a beautiful city with plenty to offer, a stay in Dundee should not be viewed as a sentence but rather as an opportunity.

It’s a chance to explore a lesser-known gem of Scotland, to enjoy a change of scenery, and to discover that sometimes the best experiences are the ones that are least expected. So, here’s to Dundee – a city well worth the stay, whether by choice or by chance."


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