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RRS Discovery's rudder will be lifted out as part of the ship's repair

A significant milestone in the conservation of the RRS Discovery is approaching which will see the lifting of the ship's rudder for repair.

This essential operation is a key part of the ongoing restoration project aimed at preserving this historic vessel.

The rudder, measuring 8 meters in height and weighing over 6 tonnes, will be carefully lifted out of the ship next week.

This process, crucial for the ship's preservation, will utilize a specially designed well running through the hull. This feature allows the rudder and two propellers to be lifted into the main hull, protecting them from damage and facilitating repairs.

The conservation team has meticulously planned this operation, which requires specialized equipment and expert personnel to ensure it is carried out safely and effectively.

This lift marks a major step in maintaining the RRS Discovery’s historical integrity and structural soundness.

As the date for the lift approaches, excitement builds around this monumental event.


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