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Popular Dundee music venue King’s closes for the final time

King's, a popular music venue in Dundee, has closed it's doors for the final time.

The announcement of the closure was made via an Instagram post. The message expressed heartfelt gratitude to the loyal patrons who frequented the venue, stating,

"Extra special thanks and praise to all of you who showed up each and every week and without whose support we wouldn't have lasted these past five years."

However, the post did not provide any explanation for the sudden closure, leaving fans and the local community in the dark about the reasons behind this unexpected decision.

King's Dundee, which has been a significant part of the city's nightlife since its inception in 2019, was established by the same team that operated The Reading Rooms, a beloved local venue that also faced closure earlier that year.

The transition from The Reading Rooms to King's Dundee was seen as a new chapter for the team and the city's club scene, continuing a legacy of vibrant nightlife and musical diversity.

Over the years, King's Dundee gained a reputation for hosting an eclectic mix of performances, attracting renowned DJs and artists. The venue's lineup included acclaimed names such as Artwork, Erol Alkan, Surusinghe, and Adam Pits, among others.



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