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Eden Project expected to officially be given the green light

The Eden Project is expected to officially be given the green light after planning permission is set to be approved by councillors. If approved, this will mean that the ambitious project will definitely be going ahead.

It was revealed last Wednesday that the Eden Project was expected to receive approval after councillors convened on Monday, 17 June. This would mark a significant milestone in the project's journey, reflecting years of planning and negotiation.

The journey to this point has been a lengthy one, spanning four years. The Eden Project was first announced during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in May 2020.

This timing presented unique challenges, as the global pandemic caused widespread disruption and uncertainty.

Despite these obstacles, the project's proponents have diligently worked to advance their plans, navigating the complexities of pandemic restrictions and evolving regulatory requirements.

The Eden Project, known for its innovative and environmentally focused initiatives, aims to create a transformative and sustainable environment.

The approval signifies a major step forward, bringing the vision closer to reality and promising significant cultural, ecological, and economic benefits to the region.

Economically, the project is expected to be a substantial boom for Dundee, with projections indicating it could generate £27 million for the local economy each year.

This influx of revenue would not only boost local businesses but also create numerous job opportunities, fostering economic growth and stability within the community.

Additionally, the Eden Project is poised to enhance educational opportunities in the area.

By partnering with schools, colleges, and universities, it aims to provide unique learning experiences centered around sustainability, ecology, and environmental stewardship.

This educational component is expected to inspire and educate future generations, promoting a deeper understanding of and commitment to environmental issues.

Moreover, the Dundee site holds the exciting possibility of hosting its own Eden Sessions, a music festival that originates from the original Cornwall site.

The Eden Sessions have previously featured renowned artists such as Bryan Adams, Fatboy Slim, Tom Grennan, and many more. Bringing such high-profile events to Dundee would not only elevate the city's cultural scene but also attract visitors from far and wide, further stimulating the local economy.

With the planning permission expected to be secured, the next phases of development will be able to proceed, encompassing detailed design, fundraising, and eventually, construction.

This milestone not only underscores the commitment of all parties involved but also highlights the resilience and determination to see the project through to fruition despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Eden Project’s potential approval is a beacon of hope and progress, signaling a positive future for sustainable development, community enrichment, and cultural vibrancy in Dundee.

What is Eden Project?

Eden Project Dundee will be a tourist attraction where in which the former Dundee Gasworks is being reimagined and recreated through the regenerative power of nature as Eden Earthworks, a place to explore how we can learn from and reconnect with nature to achieve a regenerative future for people and planet.

What will it contain?

It will contain three venues:

The first venue, named The Valve, is a single-story entrance exhibition building located on the west side of the site and will feature a café with seating areas.

The second venue, known as The Lush Bunker, is situated inside the gas holder and will house an exhibition space called The Seam.

According to the Eden Project, this will be the site's most striking architectural feature, reaching approximately 36 meters (118 feet) at its highest point."

The third venue, which is yet to be named, will span two levels and feature gallery spaces, installations, exhibits, and artworks.

There are also plans for Gathering Meadows, located to the south of the site, which will include an outdoor live events area with a capacity of up to 6,000 people.

How did we get here?

May 2020: First announcement of Eden Project with Dundee being listed as a preferred location.

July 2021: The former Dundee Gasworks are announced as the preferred location of the Eden Project site.

September-November 2023: Consultations take place in-person in Dundee as well as online.

December 2023: A planning application for Eden Project is approved.

May 2024: Environmental works begin on site to make sure the site is ready

June 2024: Planning permission is approved by Dundee City Council

What happens next?

Work will be ongoing at the site to make sure it is sustainable for construction to go ahead.

Construction is due to start then afterwards which planners hope will last three years. It is hoped that Eden Project will be open by 2030 at the latest.

Photos by Eden Project.


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