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Dundee Tapestry Exhibition To Return To V&A Dundee After Hugely Popular Response

Updated: Apr 30

The acclaimed Dundee Tapestry is set to delight visitors once again at V&A Dundee later this year.

Since its unveiling in January 2024, the tapestry has captivated over 80,000 visitors with its 35 intricate panels portraying the city's vibrant history.

Originally slated to conclude this Sunday, (April 28), the exhibition's popularity has prompted the museum to extend its run, with a return scheduled for later this summer following a brief hiatus.

Crafted by a dedicated team of over 140 volunteers under the guidance of John Fyffe MBE and Dr. Frances Stevenson, the project showcases the collaborative spirit and artistic talent of Dundee.

Designed by the acclaimed artist Andrew Crummy MBE, renowned for his work on the Great Tapestry of Scotland, each panel is a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage.


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