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Dundee's Open Top Tour Bus Returns From Today

The pick-up point at Discovery Point (Picture: Xplore Dundee)

The Discover Dundee open top tour bus returns from today!

Hitting the Dundee streets for the third year running from today (Friday 29 March), the Discover Dundee tour bus operates until Sunday 1 September.

Riders can take in some of the best of Dundee landmarks such as:

  • RRS Discovery

  • V&A Dundee

  • DC Thomson Headquarters

  • The Howff

  • McManus Galleries

  • Old Steeple

  • Dundee Law

  • City Quay

  • Tay Road Bridge

  • Tay Rail Bridge

The pick-up point for the Discover Dundee tour bus is at Discovery Point, situated next to the V&A Dundee, and runs from 10am to 5pm each day.

The tour bus is a hop-on, hop-off , so you can stop off at one location, explore around, and then get back on the tour bus to continue the tour.

If the weather is kind, you are also treated to a trip across the Tay Road Bridge, and back, offering you one of the most breathtaking views in Scotland - the Dundee skyline.

The tour bus is operated by Xplore Dundee, who are the main bus operators in the city.

Many have called on the firm to extend the tour to Broughty Ferry however they cite that journeys would have to be cut in order to accommodate such an extension, as well as more resources being used as a result.

The Discover Dundee tour bus has been a popular addition to the city, and as it enters its third year, there are more opportunities for locals, and visitors to the city, to discover the beautiful landmarks Dundee has to offer.


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