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Dundee Is One Of The Best Cities In The UK For First-Time Property Buyers

Dundee is one of the best cities for first-time buyers (Picture: Shahbaz Majeed)

Dundee has been named as one of the best cities in the UK for first time property buyers, a new list by Rightmove has revealed.

The Rightmove list ranks Dundee seventh in the list, with Aberdeen, another Scottish city ranking top of the list. The two Scottish cities are ranked in the ten most affordable cities for first-time buyers to enter the property market.

Average house prices in these cities are nearly five times lower than what prospective first-time buyers in London are currently facing.

The new data revealed that Dundee had an average asking price of £116,191.

10 cities with cheapest average asking price for a first-time buyer type property (2 bedrooms and fewer)

1. Aberdeen - £102,601

2. Bradford - £107,929

3. Sunderland - £111,263

4. Carlisle - £111, 268

5. Preston - £112,273

6. Hull - £113,920

7. Dundee - £116,191

8. Stoke-on-Trent - £117,113

9. Durham - £125,957

10. Doncaster - £128,062


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