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The Names For The New Dundee Dolphins Will Be Revealed Next Week

One of the newest sculptures on Dundee's public art scene is the Tay Dolphins which can be spotted on the esplanade at Broughty Ferry Beach.

The Tay Dolphins are the work of Fanny Lam Christie who had worked with the University of St Andrews in making sure that the dolphins were depicted accurately.

The new dolphins are modelled on three real bottlenose dolphins that frequently visit the Tay.

Now, the Broughty Ferry Traders Association reports that it has been announced that the names of the dolphins will be revealed during the on Monday 6 May at 11am at a free event hosted at the Castle Green.

Fanny Lam Christie along with researchers from the University of St. Andrews will decide the winner

Several Dundee Culture followers suggested their names:

  • Huey, Dewey and Louie

  • Phin, Phinlay and Phinners

  • Blackie, Baxter, and Scottie

  • Beryl, Minnie and Wullie

  • Jack, Victor and Elsa

  • Beachy, Sandy and Windy

  • Coral, Pearl and Finley

  • Dandy, Beano and Topper

  • Vicky, Cristina and Barcelona

  • Rag, Tag and Bobtail


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