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The Dundee Food Festival Just Got Some Exciting Updates

The Dundee Food Festival, which has been announced to take place on 6-7 July, has got some very exciting updates as the newest city festival aims to celebrate local food and drink.

New details have now been revealed for the first time about the festival where organisers are promising a weekend full of fun.

The festival will be hosted in the city centre and the wider waterfront with events due to be hosted at V&A Dundee, Slessor Gardens, Discovery Point and much more!

The main festival hub will be located in the heart of the City Square, with food stalls, live music, street performers have been confirmed for the festival.

The Dundee Food Festival comes five years after the Dundee Flower and Food Festival was last held at Camperdown Park, but it was unfortunately axed due to monetary issues and the impact of the Covid pandemic in the following years.

This new festival is seen as a natural successor to the much beloved Flower and Food Festival, albeit it is more scaled down.

Organisers invite you to eat, drink, play, and think as you explore the wonders of Dundee's culinary offerings.


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