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Dundee has just witnessed the most powerful aurora borealis in 20 years - and it was stunning!

Dundee just witnessed the most powerful Northern Lights show in 20 years.

In the late hours of Friday night and early morning of Saturday, the northern lights were visible over the skies of Dundee, in what has been described as the most powerful Northern Lights have been in 20 years.

People in and around Dundee captured the aurora, from the Tay Bridges, to the Dundee Law, to Broughty Castle! There was so many amazing photographs that were captured:

Meanwhile, the Northern Lights were spotted above Dundee Culture's studios in the northern outskirts of the city:

The cause of this absolutely spectacular show is a result of a major solar storm and the particles from the Sun meet the Earth's magnetic field. These particles collide with gases in the atmosphere, creating light. This beautiful phenomenon reminds us of the Sun's impact on Earth's atmosphere, painting the night sky with its radiant glow.


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