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‘Dundee Culture at the Euros’ announced as Scotland heads for Germany

Dundee Culture proudly announces "Dundee Culture at the Euros," coinciding with an upcoming trip to Germany.

From June 17th, Dundee Culture will be in Germany for ten days, providing updates on Scotland's campaign at the Euros.

Known for popular Scotland-wide sports content, Dundee Culture will explore connections between Dundee's football scene and the Euros, highlighting the city's footballing heritage and its influence on Scottish football.

The focus will also be on the cultural impact of football in Dundee, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the city's football community, and linking it with German football.

Additionally, the trip will celebrate the cultural links between Dundee and Germany, especially the twin city of Wurzburg, marking 30 years of twinship.

Cultural connections between Dundee and other German cities and towns will also be promoted.

This journey is a unique opportunity to experience the Euros and share Dundee's rich football and cultural heritage with a wider audience.

Stay tuned for an exciting series of updates and insights from Dundee Culture at the Euros!


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