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Discovery Point are hosting a “Rock the Point” party as part of the Dundee Food Festival

Updated: 2 days ago

Discovery Point is set to host an unforgettable evening of entertainment, sustainable drinks, and gourmet toasties as part of the forthcoming Dundee Food Festival.

The event entitled Rock the Dock and Party at the Point, which will be held on 6 July from 5-7pm promises to be a night to remember!

Attendees can look forward to savouring DoughBoy IPA from LAW Brewing Co., a unique beer crafted using surplus bread from Clarks Bakery. Complementing the drinks, Wee Melt will offer freshly grilled toasties made with local ingredients.

In a historic first, “Freddie Mercury” will take to the decks of the RRS Discovery, delivering electrifying performances of Queen's greatest hits aboard this iconic ship.

The RRS Discovery will play host to live music.

LAW Brewing Co., based in Dundee, will showcase a variety of their popular beers. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative process of transforming surplus bread and rolls from Clarks 24hr Bakery into the flavorful DoughBoy IPA, highlighting efforts to reduce food waste and minimize food miles.

Wee Melt, known for their delectable toasties, will serve sandwiches brimming with local, seasonal produce. The bread, baked with flour derived from spent grains at LAW Brewery, ensures a full-circle sustainable dining experience.

The Dundee Food Festival was officially announced last month to take place on the weekend of 6-7 July 2024.

The event is seen by some as a natural successor to the Dundee Flower and Food Festival which was axed in 2019 following funding shortfalls, although they are not connected.

The Dundee Food Festival is seen as a reboot of the festival and will be hosted across the Dundee waterfront and city centre.

Tickets are yet to go on sale for the event, however Dundee Culture will keep you updated!

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