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Ambassador Cruise Lines Announces 2025 Schedule For Dundee

The Ambassador Ambition departs Dundee, passing Broughty Castle. (Picture: Jim Glover)

Ambassador Cruise Lines have announced their 2025 schedule for Dundee with six scheduled sailings from the city.

The cruise liner, which began sailinh from Dundee last year, has announced six sailings which will depart from Dundee.

The first sailing will be on July 20 when Ambition sets sail from the city for their Normandy and the British Isles cruise.

A week later, the cruise liner will set sail for Norway's Fjords in a multi-generational adventure, with a third cruise going there for an expedition sailing from August 7.

The week afterwards will see the cruise liner travel to France and Northern Spain from August 15 and will return for the Summertime Fjordlands cruise from August 28.

The sixth and final cruise, which will set sail from Dundee will be the Mysteries of the Northern Isles cruise which will depart the city on September 9.

The cruise liner is set to have 10 sailings from Dundee this year with a reduced amount for next year.

The Courier, who reported on the story, stated that a reason for the reduction in sailings has not been confirmed.



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