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A new photo exhibition celebrating 60 years of the Overgate has just opened

Dundee’s Overgate Shopping Centre has unveiled a fascinating exhibition that chronicles the dramatic transformation of Overgate Street over the past six decades.

The exhibition, located on the upper mall of the shopping centre, is open to the public for two weeks. It features a stunning array of archival film and photography, much of which has not been seen for decades, with some pieces making their public debut. Admission is free, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Titled "Overgate 60 Years," the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for Dundee residents to reminisce and explore the evolution of the iconic street from 1963 to the present.

Picture: Overgate / Supplied

Highlights include rare footage from STV Archives, a collection of 30 photographs from the University of Dundee Archive Service, and standout images by esteemed former DC Thomson photographer Alex Coupar. These pieces showcase the ambitious visions city planners had for Overgate, setting benchmarks for urban development across the UK.

The exhibition documents the pivotal moments in Overgate’s history, leading up to the construction of the Overgate Shopping Centre and its significant impact on Dundee. It captures the essence of the people and businesses that have shaped the area over the years.

Notable moments include the £50 million redevelopment of Dundee city centre in 1965 (equivalent to £950 million today), the creation of the futuristic Angus Hotel, and the construction of a new central shopping area that positioned Dundee as a forward-thinking city by the 1990s.

Visitors will also get a glimpse into the construction stages of the shopping centre and enjoy a charming cameo by Dennis the Menace. A film clip shows Dennis packing a time capsule filled with cultural mementos, including The Beano, and burying it with local schoolchildren under the shopping centre’s foundations, where it remains today.

The exhibition concludes with scenes from the new Overgate’s opening day in 2000, a live performance by The View in 2011, and contemporary footage of the centre as it stands today.


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