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The Dundee Rockets are making a major comeback, 37 years after they last played

The Dundee Rockets announced their return in a Facebook post. (Picture: Dundee Rockets / Facebook)

The Dundee Rockets are making a comeback, with a merger confirmed between the Dundee Tigers and the Dundee Comets.

For many years, SNL ice hockey in Dundee has be characterised by a rivalry between the Tigers and the Comets, bringing numerous exciting encounters to the Dundee Ice Arena.

However, recent seasons have highlighted the challenges of maintaining two full teams in the current competitive landscape.

In response to these challenges, a decision has been made for the upcoming season to unite the Tigers and the Comets into a single team: The Dundee Rockets.

This sees the return of the 1960s club which last played in 1987.

This merger aims to consolidate the talents of two sets of hockey players and the enthusiasm of their fans, introducing a new dynamic to Dundee's hockey scene.

The Dundee Rockets intend to field a competitive team focused on success both on and off the rink. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on developing young players, providing a pathway from the Rockets to the Dundee Stars.

This initiative represents a significant step for Dundee's hockey community. With a history of producing notable talent, the city remains committed to its hockey tradition.

The formation of the Rockets marks the beginning of a new phase, with hopes of achieving greater success and fostering local talent.

Dundee hockey fans are encouraged to support this new venture as the Rockets prepare for their debut season.

Dundee Culture wishes Dundee Rockets all the very best in this new endeavour! It's certainly exciting for ice hockey in the city.

Headline picture by Dundee Rockets / Facebook.


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