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A Groundbreaking Dundee-Based Project From Abertay University Has Just Been Nominated At The Cannes Film Festival

A groundbreaking project by Abertay University has been nominated at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Abertay University's virtual production project, "Real Time Remote", which has been collaborated on with Royal Holloway University of London, Story Futures Academy, Space Digital in Manchester, The Scotland 5G Centre and Tay Cities Deal, has been nominated for a Screen International Global Production Award at this year's Global Production Awards

The Global Production Awards celebrate outstanding and sustainable work in the world of film and TV production, locations and studios.

The awards recognise organisations and companies working in the film and TV industry including studios, production companies, film commissions, location, suppliers and manufacturers and any services involved in film and TV production.

The project has been nominated alongside other projects in the UK, as well as the US, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

The "Real Time Remote" project is the 5G virtual production breakthrough that the university announced last year which allows real-time scenes to be shot 280 miles apart.

It has been dubbed as the first of its kind in the UK and has helped Dundee be branded as an 'emerging global tech hub'.

With backdrop studios based in Dundee and Manchester, this allows two actors to be filmed against a consistent virtual environment, without the need to travel to an exotic location, or be in the same room.

Speaking about the nomination, Abertay University took to their Twitter/X account:

"This collaboration between industry and academia was a landmark achievement in filmmaking, with live-action scenes shot simultaneously in Dundee and Manchester utilising the power of 5G."

"The breakthrough not only documented a technical milestone, but has proved a catalyst for further innovation, linking into the £75.6m CoSTAR initiative funded by AHRC."

The award ceremony will be hosted on 20 May in Cannes.


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