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When Will Dundee Next See A Total Solar Eclipse?

This Monday, North America will be treated to a total solar eclipse, the first time in seven years, and will be the last on the continent until 2044 - so it is a pretty big astronomical event.

With all the excitement about the forthcoming eclipse, I want to share with you Dundee's relationship with solar eclipses, and answer the questions around the subject.

Will the April 8 eclipse be visible in Dundee?

Yes, and no. It will, but there's a catch - it will only be a partial solar eclipse as it is not in the path of totality. The unfortunate thing is we won't be able to see all of it, as the sun begins to set here as it takes place.

When will Dundee next see a total solar eclipse?

Dundee has to wait quite a while until the next total solar eclipse unfortunately, 111 years to be more precise. The next total solar eclipse that will be visible in Dundee will be on 7 October 2135.

During this eclipse, Dundee will be one of the first cities in the world to bask in the path of totality, alongside Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Parts of the city will be plunged into darkness with a 100% totality rate, whilst other areas in the north like Mill of Mains, Fintry, Claverhouse, Kirkton and Downfield will have a 99% totality rate.

When was the last time Dundee saw a total solar eclipse?

In order to find when Dundee last witnessed a total solar eclipse, you have to go back to 7 March 1598 as part of the Saros 133 cycle. Back then, Dundee was a royal burgh and it had a small population compared to now.

When will the next solar eclipse happen in Dundee?

Dundee will next be treated to a partial solar eclipse on 29 March 2025, so under a year away. The city will see the sun smile with Dundee having a 40% totality rate. What is great is that from next year up until 2028, bar 2027, Dundee will witness solar eclipses with totality rates of over 30% with the highest going up to 90%.

The next major solar eclipse will happen on 12 August 2026 when the city will have a 90% totality rate as the eclipse sweeps past Europe. The last time Dundee had a solar eclipse on this scale was actually not too long ago - back in March 2015 when it had a 95% totality rate.

Next solar eclipses in Dundee



Totality rate


8 April 2024



29 March 2025



12 August 2026



2 August 2027



26 January 2028



12 June 2029



1 June 2030


So it may be a very long time Dundee has to wait until the next total solar eclipse, but we are Scotland's sunniest city. Perhaps the sun is always destined to shine on Dundee (when it isn't raining of course!)



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