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The James Webb Telescope Has Just Captured The Dundee-Discovered Horsehead Nebula In Unprecedented Fashion

The new image released showing the top of the nebula. (Picture: NASA/ESA/CSA)

The James Webb Telescope has captured the absolutely breathtaking Horsehead Nebula, a Dundee discovery, in a new photo that was just recently released.


The James Webb Telescope was launched in 2021, and is a collaboration project between NASA, the ESA and the CSA.


The telescope has taken the clearest infrared pictures ever of the Horsehead Nebula, with the top of the nebula being the main focus of this new photograph.

These new images reveal more detail than ever before, showing us parts of the nebula in a completely new way with amazing detail.


The Horsehead Nebula is located in the constellation of Orion, about 1,300 light years away from Earth.


The nebula was discovered by Williamina Fleming, a Dundee-born astronomer, back in 1888. Fleming was working at the Harvard College Observatory when she discovered the nebula. The Horsehead Nebula is now one of the most iconic astronomical objects in the universe.


The nebula has previously been photographed by other telescopes such as the Euclid Space Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope. But with this new photograph of the iconic nebula, it becomes the sharpest photograph of it ever taken.



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