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25 signs that you grew up in Dundee in the 1980s

The 1980s! Regarded by many as one of the most influential decades in history.

Dundee has been through quite a lot of change in the past 40 years, some things are still here in Dundee, but transporting you to the 1980s, here are 25 signs that grew up in Dundee at that time!


1. You stood by waiting for the Wellgate Clock to spring to life at 12pm on Saturday afternoons.

2. You got yourself hurt on the Camperdown pirate ships but knew that it was worth it for the thrill!

3. You travelled on blue and white buses which were always a presence in town

4. You fought for the window seats at the Littlewoods cafe as they had the best view

5. You visited the Overgate and climbed some of the odd concrete structures there

6. You used the Wellgate ramp not for its intended purpose and instead had buggy races down them

7. You visited John Menzies to get the latest gadgets...

8. ...and C&A for the best clothes!

9. You saw never ending multis

10. You were able to drive in the City Square

11. You knew that Wallace pehs were the finest!

12. You visited the old Dundee ice rink for a skate

13. You went to Broughty Ferry for a holiday

14. You bought flowers behind the Hilltown Clock

15. You saw the final years of the Playhouse Theatre

16. You went on the old Volvo Ailsa tour bus

17. You remember the Dundee gangs at their peak

18. You went to WM Lows for your shopping...

19. ...or Safeway!

20. You saw the demolition of the Tay Ferries terminal building

21. You saw the RRS Discovery return home!

22. You knew the Angus Hotel was the poshest hotel in toon

23. You booked a holiday with Thomas Cook in their City Square office

24. You saw the Hilltown Clock - and it wasn't red

25. And finally, you visited the Cannon cinema in the Seagate


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