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Xplore Dundee are making changes to several bus routes from next Monday

The changes will come into effect from May 27 (Picture: Xplore Dundee)

Xplore Dundee is making several changes to its bus services starting on 27 May to improve reliability and comfort for passengers.


To make evening travel smoother, the evening timetable for the 1 to and from St. Mary's will be updated. This change aims to reduce delays and make the service more dependable.


The 5 and 5A will have more buses added to improve timekeeping and reduce waiting times. This adjustment is part of Xplore Dundee’s efforts to keep buses running on time and meet passenger needs.


The 22 will now run every 12 minutes from Monday to Friday and every 15 minutes on Saturdays. This means buses will come more often, making it easier for people to get around.

 All buses on the 22 will have free Wi-Fi and USB charging points at each seat. These features allow passengers to stay connected and charge their devices, making their journeys more enjoyable.


Residents and commuters in Dundee can look forward to these improvements, making public transportation a better choice for getting around the city.



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