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This Brummie couldn't stop complimenting Dundee - and you'll love to see it

Updated: May 10

Eddy at the waterfront (Picture: Eddy Cheese / YouTube)

A YouTuber from Birmingham recently travelled to Dundee - and he couldn't stop praising it when he stayed for a short visit.

Eddy Cheese, who creates videos on music, comedy and football, recently came to Dundee to watch Dundee United play against Partick Thistle to secure their promotion to the Premiership.

Eddy Cheese, who has 18,000 subscribers on the platform, was in awe at the Tay Bridge and the crossing towards Dundee and described it as a "mini-ocean".

After arriving in Dundee, he could not stop praising the Dundee Waterfront, after walking out of the train station and immediately seeing his hotel, the V&A Dundee, the RRS Discovery and the River Tay all together.

"You don't get this in Birmingham. Nice one!"

He talked to some of the local Dundonians when he was visiting Dundee city centre and explored a few restaurants.

After watching the Dundee United match against Partick Thistle where they won 4-1, Eddy met up with a Dundee United fan who walked him back into town.

After returning to the city centre, he spotted one of the Maggie's penguins in a shop window on Union Street and also briefly looked at one of the public art exhibitions on show.

"I feel like Dundee is one of these artistic cities as well!"

Eddy, if you're reading this, come back up to Dundee for a city break real soon! There's more to see and do! 😄👍


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