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The Wellgate Clock Is Getting An Exciting Addition That Will Delight Visitors To The Centre

The Wellgate Clock, one of Dundee's most beloved timepieces, is set to have new additions for the first time in 46 years.

The clock, which was first installed back in 1978 on the top level of the Wellgate Shopping Centre, has delighted Dundonians throughout the years, and has been a symbol for the city.

New renovations will see the installation of a new Bluetooth speaker which will allow visitors to the centre to play their own music to visitors of the centre on either the hour or on the quarter of an hour.

The panels around the clock will be also be joined with an LED screen which will allow shoppers to play their favourite music videos.

New prices have also been revealed:

  • Full hour with LED screen: £12

  • Quarter hour with LED screen: £6

  • Full hour without LED screen: £6

  • Quarter hour without LED screen: £3

The man behind the idea, Derek Stevenson, has said he hopes to improve the experience of shoppers in the centre.

"I love the Wellgate Clock, but for a long time, it has needed a reset, so I am delighted to invest my earnings into the project so shoppers can enjoy their weekend that little bit more thanks to the Wellgate Clock."

Speaking to Dundee Culture, Terry, a local resident said:

"I grew up with the Wellgate Clock, and to now finally have the chance to show the visitors to the centre my taste in music, is a delight! A brilliant initiative by the centre."

Work on the clock is set to take place soon, more details are still yet to be revealed.


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