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Eden Project Dundee: New Updates For Attraction Revealed

New updates on Dundee's next big attraction, Eden Project, have been revealed following an event hosted by The Courier this week .

The Courier hosted their latest Business Event at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc in Baldovie, and the subject was Eden Dundee and how it could build a healthy economy for Dundee.

Business leaders were informed about the potential transformative influence of the Eden Project on Dundee during The Courier Business Conference.

Featuring insights from French entrepreneur Pierre-Yves Gerbeau, renowned for his successful ventures such as rescuing Disneyland Paris and the Millennium Dome, Gerbeau encouraged attendees to adopt a "bold and brave" approach and seize the opportunities arising from this exciting development.

Additionally, a panel discussion explored the potential transformative effects of the Eden Project, featuring Dundee City Council leader John Alexander, DC Thomson director David Thomson, Eden Project engagement manager Caishlan Sweeney, and Maureen Campbell, the driving force behind projects like the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies at Scottish Canals.

The event provided some new updates on the project:

New updates

Eden Project Dundee will open by 2030

Eden Project Dundee was scheduled to open by 2026, however, that has been pushed back a few years. It is hoped that it will be open by 2030.

Construction to last three years

It was revealed that organisers are hoping that construction on the site will last at least three years. As it is located on the site of Dundee's old gasworks, a lot of time and precision will be needed to transform the site.

New train platform is proposed

A new train platform at Dock Street, near the Eden Project Dundee site is being proposed. Dock Street was once the site of the former Dundee East railway station which was demolished in 1964.

Parking spaces

It was announced that there would only be 25 parking spaces at the Eden Project site which will only be available for vulnerable and disabled access. Existing parking facilities and infrastructure are being utilised as part of the development.

Visitor number hopes

It is hoped that Eden Project Dundee will attract more than 500,000 visitors a year when it opens its doors to the public, holding up to 18,000 visitors a day.

Growth to Dundee's job sector and economy

200-300 jobs are expected to be created in the city as a result of Eden Project. It is hoped that Eden Project Dundee will generate £27 million a year to Dundee's economy as well.



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