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Dundee's waterfront has been recreated in a new project by 4J Studios

Dundee's waterfront has been recreated in 3D to hint at a new computer game, dubbed “Minecraft 2.0” by fans.

4J Studios, known for developing the popular block-building console game, has unveiled a video showcasing its new game engine.

Although the specifics of the new game remain a mystery, they plan to use this powerful engine for its development.

To highlight the technology, they've produced a video featuring 3D models of some of Dundee’s famous landmarks, from the V&A Dundee, Discovery Point and City Quay.

Using the new Elements Engine, they have recreated City Quay, where the company is based, complete with details like the North Carr Lightship and the Wild Shore water park.

Fans have speculated that 4J Studios is preparing to release a competitor to Minecraft, with some calling it “Minecraft 2.0.”

The clip features a voiceover by journalist and presenter Gordon Smart from Kinross-shire, who says: “What if we had been quietly working on our own voxel sandbox engine, harnessing the incredible power of the newest generation of consoles and graphics cards?”



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