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Dundee has just retained it's position as Scotland's sunniest city

Updated: May 10

The sun shining on Dundee (Picture: Paul Vinova)

Dundee has retained its position as the sunniest city in Scotland, being the only city in Scotland to exceed over four hours of sunshine.

A new report issued in the Independent from data by the Met Office revealed that the City of Discovery has retained its position as Scotland's sunniest city.

The city averages 1,523 hours of sunshine per year.

Brighton was named as the sunniest city in the UK overall, averaging 5 hours on average, approximately 59 minutes more than Dundee.

The list featured by the Independent includes the following Scottish cities:

  1. Dundee - 4 hours, 1 minutes

  2. Aberdeen - 3 hours, 59 minutes

  3. Edinburgh- 3 hours, 48 minutes

  4. Glasgow - 3 hours, 37 minutes

  5. Stirling - 3 hours, 16 minutes

  6. Inverness - 2 hours, 53 minutes



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