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Dundee Food Festival sees 17,000 flock to celebrate the city's food scene

Tatha restaurant at V&A Dundee hosted events as part of the festival. (Picture: Dylan Drummond / Son of the Sea Photography)

Over the weekend, approximately 17,000 food and drink enthusiasts from Tayside showed their support for the first-ever Dundee Food Festival, braving all types of weather conditions.

Attendees indulged in a variety of culinary experiences at the city's newest cultural gathering held on the 6th and 7th of July. This event brought the vibrant food, drink, and hospitality scene of the city to the forefront, with thousands of participants enjoying numerous free and paid activities throughout the city centre.

From bustling food markets and entertaining chefs at City Square to a delightful picnic at Slessor Gardens in collaboration with the Eden Project, along with fully booked dining experiences at V&A Dundee, Dundee was alive with creativity and gastronomic pleasures.

The street food extravaganza at the Waterfront and City Square saw a high demand for dishes, with many vendors selling out over the weekend. Additional fringe events such as Rock the Dock at Discovery Point and a special screening of the Big Night at DCA provided more opportunities to partake in the festival.

Collaboratively organised by Dundee City Council and local partners including the Eden Project, V&A Dundee, James Hutton Institute, and Eat and Drink Dundee, the festival showcased over 45 local businesses and featured a packed schedule of over 60 events.

The festival's program included interactive workshops, talks, entertainment for children, demonstrations, exclusive dining experiences, and the chance to meet some of the city's top talents. The festival's resident seagull characters, along with local musicians and community groups, kept the audience engaged and entertained.


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