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Dundee Culture announces plans for Paris 2024 coverage

Updated: 16 hours ago

The Paris Olympics are coming later this month - and with athletes from across Tayside competing in the games, Dundee Culture will be on hand to provide coverage of the area's athletes competing at the games in Paris.

Dundee Culture's Team Tayside campaign makes a comeback after a huge successful run from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games which saw record-breaking posts and interactions.

There might be less athletes competing at the Olympics, but there is still incredible amount of exciting events that Tayside athletes will be representing Team GB in.

So far, Eilish McColgan and Laura Muir (Athletics), Charlotte Watson (Hockey) and Mark Stewart (Cycling) have been announced as athletes at this year's Olympics.

So here are the plans for Dundee Culture's coverage of the Paris Olympics!

Dundee Culture's website

Dundee Culture's website will be home to the Dundee Culture Paris 2024 Hub which will provide details on the athletes competing, the sports they are competing in, when they will be competing and their results. There will also be features on Dundee's links with Paris and France as well!

Dundee Culture's website serves as your ultimate guide, keeping you informed about the exciting events and competitions these athletes are participating in!

Whether you're a dedicated sports fan or simply curious about the latest happenings in the world of athletics, Dundee Culture's website is your go-to source for all the updates and highlights from Tayside athletes competing in Paris.

Social media channels

This is where all the action will be! With the latest on the events Tayside athletes are competing in, Dundee Culture will be on hand helping you know what's going on in Paris!

Experience the thrill of following Tayside athletes as they showcase their skills and determination on the grand stage of Paris.

Stay up-to-date with comprehensive coverage and discover the stories behind their journeys, the challenges they have overcome, and the victories they have achieved.

Let Dundee Culture be your companion in this thrilling adventure, as we bring you closer to the heart of the action and share the inspiring moments that define the Tayside athletes' quest for greatness in Paris.


Support Dundee Culture

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