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Castle Green is about to get upgraded for summer

Broughty Ferry’s Castle Green will be getting a significant £200,000 revamp that will commence next week, it has been confirmed.


The initiative, spearheaded by Dundee City Council, aims to replace outdated play equipment with modern, accessible alternatives that cater to children of all ages and abilities.


The comprehensive upgrades, set to last for six weeks, will necessitate the temporary closure of the park to ensure the safety of both workers and the public.

However, the council plans to reopen sections of the park in phases as new play equipment is installed and becomes available for use.

 Heather Anderson, Convener for Climate, Environment & Biodiversity, expressed enthusiasm about the project, highlighting the council's ongoing commitment to enhancing recreational facilities.


“It’s great that we continue to invest in our play facilities and also make them as accessible as possible for everyone," she said. "These new facilities will be state of the art for members of the public and their families to enjoy."


Heather Anderson emphasized the importance of updated play equipment, noting its benefits for children's cognitive development, mental health, and social skills.


The improvements at Castle Green are part of the Council’s broader Neighbourhood Services programme, which aims to enhance play parks throughout the city.

Castle Green evolved into a popular recreational area by the late 19th century, becoming a picturesque public park near Broughty Castle. Throughout the 20th century, it remained a beloved community space, with various enhancements like play equipment and local events.


The new equipment promises to create a more inclusive environment, ensuring that children of varying abilities can enjoy the park. The project reflects the council’s dedication to fostering inclusive community spaces that support the well-being and development of all children.


As work progresses, residents can look forward to a revitalized play area that will serve as a vibrant community hub for years to come.


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