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Broughty Ferry Beach has been named one of the best beaches in Scotland once again

Broughty Ferry Beach has once again been acknowledged as one of the most exquisite coastal treasures in Scotland in a new list that has just been released.

Impressively, this marks the second accolade for Broughty Ferry Beach within a mere two-week span after the Daily Record had named the beach in their top beaches list. Broughty Ferry Beach has often been considered one of the best due to its extraordinary allure with the stunning Broughty Castle as a backdrop, as well as it's immaculate condition.

This time, the recognition comes from Keep Scotland Beautiful, a charitable organization committed to environmental sustainability and cleanliness.

Situated on the eastern edge of Dundee, Broughty Ferry Beach has always been a cherished spot for both locals and tourists alike. Its sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and stunning vistas of the Tay Estuary make it an ideal location for relaxation and leisure.

Not only is the beach visually appealing, but it is also meticulously maintained, offering top-notch amenities and ensuring a tidy, secure environment for all visitors.

The acknowledgment from Keep Scotland Beautiful holds particular significance. The organisation is renowned for its stringent criteria in evaluating the cleanliness, safety, and environmental stewardship of beaches throughout Scotland.

Their endorsement confirms that Broughty Ferry Beach excels in these aspects, providing a premier coastal experience.

These consecutive accolades underscore the consistent quality and allure of Broughty Ferry Beach, solidifying its status as a standout destination among Scotland's myriad beautiful beaches.

Headline picture by Steven Neish via Twitter/X.


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