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Broughty Ferry Beach has been named as one of the 'most picturesque beaches' in Scotland

Broughty Ferry Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Scotland (Picture: Sammy Paton / Instagram)

Broughty Ferry Beach has been named as one of the most picturesque beaches in Scotland in a new list by the Daily Record.

Broughty Ferry Beach has been ranked fourth in a list of the most picturesque beaches in Scotland by the Daily Record. This recognition highlights its natural beauty and appeal to visitors.

Located in the historic Dundee suburb of Broughty Ferry, the beach has always been praised for its gorgeous sands and stunning views of the Tay Estuary. The beach lays in the shadow of the nearby 15th-century Broughty Castle which is a unique feature to the beach.

The beach's accessibility from Dundee's city centre makes it a popular spot for families. Its shallow waters are perfect for swimming and water sports, ensuring a safe environment for children.

Broughty Ferry Beach is supported by a vibrant community with various amenities. Visitors can explore local shops, cafes, and restaurants in the nearby town, and enjoy the well-maintained promenade and walking paths.

Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the beach's rich birdlife and occasional sightings of seals and dolphins. This natural diversity adds to the beach's charm.

Joining other beautiful beaches like Aberlady Bay, Seamill Beach, and Balmedie Beach, Broughty Ferry stands out for its mix of history, nature, and community.

Broughty Ferry Beach, with its captivating scenery and friendly atmosphere, is a perfect destination for those exploring Scotland's coastal beauty.

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