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A Photographer Just Took 20,000 Photographs Of Dundee To Create The Most Epic Collage

Several Dundee landmarks feature in the new collage (Picture: Andrew Batchelor / Dundee Culture)

A new collage of 20,000 photos of Dundee, created for an upcoming exhibition at V&A Dundee, has been revealed - and it looks very cool.

Japanese photographer Sohei Nishino spent six weeks in Dundee to take photographs of everyday life in the city, capturing over 20,000 photographs for the collage.

The V&A Dundee commissioned the piece ahead of the opening of their new exhibition, Photo City; How Images Shape The Urban World.

The collage of pictures features the entire Dundee skyline as well as some of the city's most notable landmarks, such as the Old Steeple, the McManus Galleries, Dens and Tannadice - and of course, the V&A Dundee.

The Guardian, who reported on the initial story, stated:

"Sohei Nishino’s vast five-metre-wide work is the centrepiece of a new exhibition at V&A Dundee – and it shows the city like never before"

Speaking of the project, Nishino told the Guardian:

“Dundee was the smallest city I have worked in, but the final result was bigger than the other cities,”

Photo City: How Images Shape The Urban World is a free exhibition which is due to open on 29 March at V&A Dundee until 29 October.



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