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A new sports bar has just opened in Dundee and it looks very cool

A new sports bar is opening in Dundee - and it is opening up this weekend.

Top Dog Sports Bar opened up a couple of weeks back and it has already made a brilliant impression on Dundonians.

The former dessert parlour has been revamped with 12 TV screens, interactive dartboards, and pool tables.

The new sports bar is located underneath the casino at West Marketgait.

I asked group manager Ian Plenderleith a few questions about this exciting new enterprise.

What was the inspiration for opening up a new bar?

We've been really inspired by the amount of activity focused bars that seem to be doing really well across the UK and we felt there wasn't anywhere like that in Dundee. We wanted to blend great drinks, tasty food and a fun experience all in one venue.

What has been your favourite part of the journey in opening this bar?

It's been amazing turning such a great space into a bar that we'd like to visit. We've had to be creative as there have been a lot of challenges that come along with it but its been a rewarding experience overall

What kind of experience can customers expect when they visit Top Dog Sports Bar?

I think our key idea for the customer experience has always been that they come in and have a laugh. The darts are great fun for everyone regardless of whether you've played or not!

Were there any challenges you faced while transforming the site?

I think for us the challenges were mainly beaurocratic. There was a lot of paperwork to do which really held us back from getting stuck in and that was frustrating.

We really owe a lot to Janet Hood who made things happen where we didn't see a road through.

What has the preparation process been like leading up to the opening?

The preparation has been really full on, we've assembled a really great team of young enthusiastic people who we're excited to train and develop as time goes on.

There's been lots of planning behind the scenes and we've got some really entertaining things coming in the future!

Are there any unique aspects or special features that set Top Dog Sports Bar apart from other sports bars in the area?

I have to say our main selling point is the darts it's amazing seeing how competitive (in a fun way) people get while playing!

If you haven't tried it you really need to! We thought mainly that sports bars just kind of showed sports and stopped there whereas we wanted to take that a step further and have people interact a bit more!


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