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3 Of The Best Hidden Gems To Discover In Dundee

Dundee is a city that has so many hidden gems, from a secret street that is named after the iconic Bash Street Kids, to a piece of art that is hidden in plain sight. Here is Dundee Culture’s picks of the top three hidden gems in the city.

Bash Street Sign

Bash Street is named in honour of the characters of The Beano, which is printed in Dundee.

Tucked away in the corner of the Marketgate, Dundee renamed a side street to Bash Street which commemorates the iconic Bash Street Kids from the Dundee-printed The Beano. The street has a sign which features Plug and Smitty vandalising the sign! It is a brilliant homage to one of the best-selling comic book series in the world.

The Wellgate Clock

The Wellgate Clock has been ticking for over 40 years.

Installed in the Wellgate Centre back in 1978, the Wellgate Clock has been a staple of Saturday shopping in the city for over 40 years! The clock is beloved by Dundonians, and has been ticking the tock, keeping people up to speed with the hourly nursery rhymes which have delighted generations.

City Churches Facade

Can you spot the facade on the ground?

This one is a tricky one to spot. It may be on the ground you walk on. The facade of the City Churches is imprinted on the ground. It is a smart addition to the city’s ever growing art scene and is one that you may or may not spot on your visits to the city centre.


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