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10 reasons why Dundee should be excited for Eden Project

With Eden Project expected to be given the green light tomorrow, there are so many things to look forward to and so many reasons to be excited about this attraction.

Eden Project will trigger a huge shift in Dundee’s fortunes if given the go ahead, but as it very likely will, Dundee Culture looks at the top ten reasons why Dundee should be excited about Eden Project!


It could generate £27 million for Dundee’s economy


Eden Project Dundee is set to generate £27 million per year for Dundee’s economy which is absolutely fantastic. With that amount of money generated each year, it will help boost Dundee’s tourist industry which in 2023 saw it hit £290 million. With Eden, that figure could increase year on year.


Hundreds of jobs will be created


With a huge attraction like Eden, hundreds of jobs will be created as a result. During the construction phase, and of course, when the attraction opens up to the public, the employment opportunities will be fantastic.


Eden Sessions could come to Dundee


This is an exciting one. With Eden Project coming to Dundee, there is a huge possibility that the Eden Sessions will make their way to the city, something which is sure to excite Dundonians. Eden Sessions is an annual music festival that is hosted at the attraction in Cornwall. It has brought acts such as Bryan Adams, Rick Astley, Tom Grennan and Fat Boy Slim! We proved that we could put on a show with Big Weekend, so doing a music festival at Eden Project would be fantastic!



It will help boost Dundee’s reputation


Hosting a globally recognised attraction like the Eden Project will certainly boost Dundee’s reputation, portraying it as a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious city on the rise.


It will help benefit City Quay too


At the moment, City Quay is undergoing an exciting renovation. With new businesses there helping build Dundee’s economy, this is already helping City Quay begin to thrive, but with Eden Project, visitors who visit the site will also be able to cross over to City Quay through the proposed Eden Bridge that will link Eden Project and City Quay together.


It will help Dundee oversee the biggest change in over 50 years


The Dundee waterfront development has helped the city redefine its image in way that hasn’t been done in quite a long time, so for Eden Project to come on top of that, this will help Dundee deliver the biggest change in over 50 years as the last time the city had developments on this scale, you have to rewind back to the 1960s and the 1970s when the Tay Road Bridge opened and there was a significant change in image for Dundee in the city centre and the waterfront.


It will cement Dundee’s reputation of being a leader in the environment


Dundee has already established itself as an environmentally friendly powerhouse thanks to the city’s fantastic climate change research and the significant use of electric vehicles which helped the city gain the title of the EV capital of Europe. With Eden Project on top of this with a message of promoting the environment, this will cement Dundee’s position as a environmentally friendly city.


It will bring in more tourism to Dundee


Dundee has already seen a major boost in tourism since the opening of the V&A Dundee in 2018, however with the arrival of Eden Project, expect Dundee’s tourist numbers to boom.


There will be amazing educational opportunities


The Eden Project in Cornwall offers educational programs and exhibits focused on sustainability, ecology, and conservation, providing valuable learning opportunities for schools, universities, and the general public, and it is very much likely that Eden Project’s Dundee outpost will do the same!


It will help boost local businesses


With the arrival of Eden Project in Dundee, increased foot traffic from tourists can benefit local businesses, from hospitality and retail to services, helping them thrive and grow.


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