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Williamina Fleming's birthplace has just been recognised by Google Maps

Google Maps has officially designated 86 Nethergate in Dundee as the birthplace of the renowned astronomer Williamina Fleming, a move that highlights her historical importance and ensures wider recognition of her contributions.

86 Nethergate , which is located opposite The Steeple Church, home of the historic Old Steeple, is the birthplace of Williamina Fleming, born on May 15, 1857.

This location on Google Maps enhances its historical significance and connection to Fleming's early life.

Who was Williamina Fleming?

Williamina Fleming's journey from Dundee to becoming an astronomy pioneer is inspiring. After moving to the United States in 1878, she began her career at the Harvard College Observatory.

Her notable achievements include discovering the Horsehead Nebula in 1888 and developing a star classification system based on spectra.

The acknowledgment of 86 Nethergate on Google Maps is a tribute to Fleming's legacy, correcting historical oversight and highlighting women's contributions to science.

Fleming's narrative emphasises the importance of celebrating women in science and inspires future generations.

The recognition of Fleming's birthplace in Dundee enhances the city's historical fabric and provides an opportunity to educate the public about her legacy.


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