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What To See and Do in Dundee This April

Updated: Apr 12

Picture: Shahbaz Majeed / Frame Focus Capture Photography

Dundee has some exciting events coming this April. Here is a list of some of the best things to see and do in the first full month of Spring.

1. Explore the Tay with SaltDog Marine

When: Throughout April; starting at £12. Find out more

SaltDog Marine are have been hosting boat trips out on the Firth of Tay in the last couple of years and it has been a hit with locals and visitors alike. As the new season begins, now is a great time to discover the bonnie River Tay. With view of Dundee and some of its amazing landmarks such as the V&A Dundee, RRS Discovery and the Tay Bridges, this experience offers you an hour full of fun and an fascinating outlook on our city and its surroundings. New trips announced from April include the exciting journey to Tayport which are now open to bookings.

2. Dundee, as you've never seen it before at V&A Dundee

When: Throughout April; FREE entry. Find out more

Picture: V&A Dundee

The V&A Dundee's newest exhibition, Photo City: How Images Shape the Urban World, celebrates photography and how it has shaped the urban world that we live in. At the centre is a fantastic new piece by Japanese photographer Sohei Nishino who took 20,000 photographs of Dundee. With 2024 marking ten years of Dundee's UNESCO City of Design status, this exhibition comes at a perfect time.

3. Discover the Dundee vaults with Dark Dundee

When: Throughout April at Shore Terrace; £13.50. Find out more

Dark Dundee is one of the most beloved organisations in the city, and they are back for 2024 with a new event, The Vault: Echoes of the Past, which will allow people to tour the old city vaults underneath Shore Terrace. This isn't just any tour; it's an opportunity to delve deeper and discover the hidden mysteries beneath the streets of Dundee.

4. Visit the new Dundee collections exhibition at McManus Galleries

When: Throughout April; FREE entry. Find out more

The McManus Galleries has recently opened their newest exhibition, This Just In. Established in 1869, Dundee's permanent collection now boasts around 150,000 objects, offering a glimpse into the city's rich history and surroundings. This exhibition features a curated selection of items acquired over the past decade, showcasing the diversity of our museum collections, which include social history, archaeology, and natural history. From archaeological discoveries to industrial artifacts and snapshots of community life, each piece tells a unique story about Dundee, inviting visitors to explore its past

5. See an international photography exhibition at Verdant Works Museum

When: From 5 April 2024; price included in museum admission. Find out more

After hosting the successful International Garden Photography of the Year exhibition last year, Verdant Works Museum is hosting the exhibition once again, with a range of incredible artists on show. This year's event features a host of beautiful images of flora, fauna, wildlife and landscapes, with an abstract depiction of the elegance of birds chosen as the overall winner. A selection of the awarded photographs will be shown in the atmospheric High Mill of Verdant Works, alongside a special photographic celebration of Dundee’s nature and unique heritage.

6. Witness the Sunset Song at Dundee Rep Theatre

When: 13 April - 4 May 2024 at the Dundee Rep, from £15. Find out more

Dundee Rep's newest show, co-produced with the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh is an adaption of the famous 1932 novel Sunset Song. Facing a choice between a challenging rural life and pursuing education, spirited Chris Guthrie opts to stay in her community, driven by her profound connection to the land. From her tough family history to finding love and self-discovery, Chris's journey into womanhood is marked by enduring strength, survival, and renewal. However, the outbreak of World War I shatters her life, forcing her to confront drastic changes. Through a compelling female protagonist, "Sunset Song" delves into human resilience and the upheaval of traditional ways of life, resonating with a timeless, lyrical intensity. Content warning: Contains themes of suicide, sexual abuse, rape, and violence. Not recommended for individuals under 14

7. A beautiful father and son exhibition at Gallery 48

When: Throughout April at Gallery 48. FREE entry. Find out more

Go to Work is a fascinating exhibition created by local artists Mark and George Smith which is currently on display at Gallery 48. It delves into themes of sobriety, charity, and transformation over its 6-8 week run. It's a deeply personal story of Mark's journey from addiction to sobriety, intertwined with his father's tale of survival following a heart attack. Each artwork, co-created with his father, symbolizes milestones in their healing journey, showcasing the power of art for change and recovery. Mark's mission extends beyond the exhibition as he aims to raise £100,000 for charities like British Heart Foundation, CHSS, and Movember through his initiative, Team 365. The exhibition includes workshops and talks on the therapeutic role of art, promising a powerful showcase of personal transformation and community support.

8. A reimagining of the collections at D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum

When: From 6 April at the Tower Foyer Gallery, Nethergate. FREE entry. Find out more.

Experience the intersection of art and science in the immersive exhibition, Seeing Through, where the visionary perspectives of futurist author J. G. Ballard and pop-artist Richard Hamilton reinterpret D’Arcy Thompson’s collections in the Tower Foyer Gallery and D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. Curated by Dr. Ellen K. Levy, a multimedia artist and writer, this speculative journey delves into our evolving relationship with technology, exploring themes of organic/machine hybrids, eco-catastrophes, and interstellar voyages. Dr. Levy’s extensive career, including her role as President of the College Art Association and collaborations on influential publications like "D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's Generative Influences in Art, Design: From Forces to Forms," underscores her commitment to bridging the gap between art and science.

9. Experience the works of the Dundee Photographic Society at Discovery Point

When: Throughout April at Discovery Point, FREE entry (but does not include admission into museum). Find out more.

The Dundee Photographic Society host an amazing photography exhibition in celebration of the creative work of the society; featuring scenes in and around Dundee, in both striking colour and muted monotone.

10. Discover more about the future of Scotland's oldest ship with HMS Unicorn

When: 4 April 2024 at 1pm, St. Andrew's Church on Kings Street. FREE entry. Find out more

The HMS Unicorn celebrates 200 years this year - and with exciting conservation work underway, Matthew Moran, the museum director at HMS Unicorn, will give a brief outline in Unicorn Past, Present and Future, which details the Unicorn’s history, followed by where Unicorn is today and the leap forward in progress achieved in recent years, and explore the challenges on the horizon and Unicorn’s future.


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