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This is what Dundee looked like in the 1990s

The 1990s were a transformative decade for Dundee, marked by a series of intriguing changes that shaped the city's identity and trajectory.

This period saw Dundee undergo significant urban redevelopment projects, revitalizing its infrastructure and enhancing its cultural landscape.

But what did the city look like in the 1990s? Well, with thanks to the University of Dundee Archive Services and Dundee City Archives, here is Dundee in the 1990s:

East Dock Street and City Quay

City Square

Northern Dundee

Southern Dundee



Dundee Railway


Broughty Ferry

Clydesdale Bank Building

Olympia, RRS Discovery and Discovery Point


Camperdown Country Park

Stobsmuir Ponds

Balgay Park Pavilion

The Stack Leisure Park

Reform Street

Caird Hall

Dura Street

Broughty Ferry Harbour


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