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Søstrene Grene are opening up a new store in Dundee

Updated: Jul 3

Søstrene Grene, a Danish brand specializing in furniture and homeware, is preparing to launch a new store located in the Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee.

The store will be situated in the former Superdry unit and is scheduled to open its doors on August 16.

The family-owned retail chain offers a diverse selection of products including home interiors, furniture, kitchenware, party supplies, and stationery.

Known for creating a unique shopping experience, Søstrene Grene stores are designed to stimulate both the body and soul through the use of classical music, innovative product showcases, and cozy hygge-inspired aisles – a Danish philosophy promoting contentment and well-being.

With a strong online presence, Søstrene Grene made the announcement of their Dundee store opening via a post on their Facebook page.

Furthermore, a grand opening event is planned to celebrate the inauguration of the new store, adding to the anticipation surrounding the arrival of Søstrene Grene in Dundee.

Established in 1973, the brand currently operates over 240 stores across 15 different countries, showcasing its widespread popularity and success in the homeware market.


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