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New details and pictures of the new Dundee Museum of Transport have been unveiled

New details and pictures of the planned renovation of Maryfield Tram Depot in Dundee, the new home of the Dundee Museum of Transport, have been unveiled.

The detailed designs, crafted by Andrew Black Design, outline a four-phase development plan for the B-listed building.

The first phase will prioritise repairing the depot's failing roof, which has already undergone emergency repairs.

The project aims to preserve the original 1901 structure while adding modern elements like a glazed screen, new entrance doors, and 'pod' accommodations.

These additions will be in harmony with the building's location in the Maryfield conservation area.

Inside, the spacious interior will be converted into an exhibition hall, complemented by a cafe, classrooms, and a community hub.

The goal is to create a flexible and sustainable space that respects the building’s historical significance.

A notable feature of the redesign is the transformation of the west gable, where full-height timber doors and glass will be installed to connect public and private areas.

In a statement, the design team emphasised that their approach ensures the building's character and important architectural features are preserved.

This sympathetic restoration will not only prevent further deterioration but also give the museum a vibrant new home for years to come.

These plans promise to breathe new life into a beloved Dundee landmark, providing a dynamic cultural space for the community and visitors alike.


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