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Eilish McColgan pulls out of Women's 10,000m at European Championships

Eilish McColgan has sadly had to pull out of the European Championships 10,000m final in Rome after 18 minutes into the race.

Eilish McColgan, a prominent athlete known for her exceptional running abilities, faced a disappointing setback during the European Championships 10,000m final in Rome.

Regrettably, after showcasing her determination and skill for 18 minutes into the race, McColgan encountered unforeseen circumstances that forced her to withdraw from the competition.

McColgan had recently returned to racing after a knee injury which initially caused her to withdraw from the London Marathon in 2023.

After months of struggling to receive a proper diagnosis, the frustrating period of being sidelined for days and weeks eventually extended into months.

Although Eilish couldn't finish the race, she showed great strength, proving her dedication to her sport.

Her time in the European Championships, despite being shortened, still highlights her talent and determination, inspiring other athletes in Dundee, and the rest of the world with her impressive accomplishments in athletics.


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