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Dundee has been branded as an 'emerging dynamic tourist destination' in new feature

Dundee has been branded as an emerging dynamic tourist destination in a new feature by the Telegraph which has been released today.

The Telegraph feature, written by Linda Macdonald highlights that Dundee has been historically overshadowed by Edinburgh and Glasgow, but is now emerging as a dynamic tourist destination thanks to its blend of historical richness and innovative developments.

The Telegraph points to several key projects driving Dundee’s renaissance. As the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design, Dundee boasts attractions like the RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn, reflecting its maritime heritage. The city's waterfront, featuring the V&A Dundee museum, underscores its status as a hub of design and architecture.

The feature also mentions the most anticipated projects: Eden Project Dundee, which aims to transform an old gas works into a vibrant cultural and ecological site.

With £7.6 million in funding, it is expected to attract half a million visitors annually, combining arts, entertainment, education, and green spaces.

Dundee’s historical roots in "jam, jute, and journalism" are still visible in its architecture and cultural institutions.

The McManus art gallery and Verdant Works jute museum offer insights into the city’s industrial past. Meanwhile, historic establishments like J. A. Braithwaite and new ventures like Verdant Gin distillery and the 71 Brewing Company showcase the city's mix of tradition and modernity.

Eden Project is expected to open in Dundee by 2030. (Picture: Eden Project)

Continuing on, the feature states that the city's compact size is another asset, with neighbourhoods like Perth Road offering boutique shops and eateries.

Cultural spots like Gallery 48 and Dundee Contemporary Arts, along with natural attractions such as Dundee Law and the Botanic Gardens, are also featured in the piece as some of the best places to visit in the city alongside the RRS Discovery and Verdant Works.

The Telegraph highlights Dundee's ongoing waterfront regeneration and the Eden Project as signs of its rising profile. The city’s enduring traditions, from Goodfellow and Steven's Dundee fruitcakes to the publication of The Beano by D.C. Thomson, enhance its unique character.

The feature concludes that Dundee is reinventing itself while honouring its past, making it a thriving and attractive destination and that it is beginning to be a serious contender as a city being recognised on a global scale.


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