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Abertay University Has Been Ranked The Top International School For Games Design

Abertay University has been ranked as the best international school for games design in a new ranking guide published by Princeton Review.

Abertay University's School of Design and Informatics was ranked the highest amongst all institutions outwith the United States for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Abertay University was the first university in the world to offer degrees in the subject, which was introduced in 1997.

This accolade follows on from Abertay University being ranked as the best place in Europe to study video game design for a ninth consecutive year in a row.

Professor Jim Bown, Dean of the School of Design and Informatics at Abertay University said:

“Staying at the forefront of video games education is among the University’s top priorities and we take enormous pride in the fact that Abertay offers one of the very best student experiences to be found anywhere in the world."

Ryan Locke, Head of the Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education at Abertay University added:

"Our investment in leading-edge facilities, the design of our collaborative and multi-disciplinary programmes, and the hard work and excellence of our academic and professional services colleagues all contribute to our continued success in this important ranking.”



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