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Abertay University has been named as the best modern university in Scotland for a second consecutive year

Abertay University has been ranked the highest among modern universities in Scotland for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2024.

This achievement speaks volumes about the university's dedication to providing a positive and enriching educational experience for its students.

For the second consecutive year, Abertay has demonstrated its ability to maintain its position as the leading modern university in the country in terms of overall student satisfaction according to the survey, showcasing a consistent and unwavering commitment to student welfare and success.

Moreover, the University's success extends beyond just overall satisfaction, as it excelled at the program level as well. Abertay was ranked the best modern university in Scotland for Academic Support, Learning Resources, and Organisation and Management, highlighting the institution's focus on providing students with the necessary tools and resources to thrive academically.

The efforts of the Abertay Students' Association have also not gone unnoticed. Their dedication to representing the student body and advocating for student rights and interests have earned the university the top spot among Scottish modern universities for Student Voice, showcasing a strong sense of community and collaboration within the institution.


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