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A pair of seagulls will be roaming Dundee city centre as part of the Dundee Food Festival – and it’s going to be absolutely wild

The Giant Seagulls (Picture: Zanimum / Wikimedia Commons)

This weekend, the Dundee Food Festival is set to be swooped upon by a couple of feathered fiends with a flair for fun.

In a quirky twist to the city’s inaugural Dundee Food Festival, two brave souls will don seagull costumes and embrace their inner avian troublemakers.

Prepare for a side of hilarity with your pehs, Dundee as The Giant Seagulls make their presence felt in the City of Discovery!

These two pranksters have hatched a plan to bring a little chaos to City Square and Slessor Gardens.

They’ll be strutting their stuff and causing mayhem at 11:30am, 1pm, and 3pm on both 6th and 7th July.

Expect them to be flapping about, eyeing up your lunch, and perhaps even squawking for a selfie.

If you’ve ever had a Greggs sausage roll pilfered by a beady-eyed bird in Dundee, you’ll know that seagulls are the city’s unofficial food critics.

Known for their audacity and appetite, these feathered foes have long been a staple of Dundee’s culinary scene – usually uninvited.

Surreal McCoy, who is behind this initiative, pays a playful tribute to these notorious snack-snatchers, reminding us to guard our grub and laugh a little.

The Dundee Food Festival, running from 6-7 July, promises a feast for the senses with a range of stalls showcasing local delicacies, cooking demos, and live entertainment.

It’s the first event of its kind, aiming to put Dundee on the foodie map. But this weekend, the real showstoppers might just be our feathered friends with their cheeky antics.

Festival-goers are advised to keep an eye on their pies, lest they become part of the performance. Will these human-seagulls perfect the art of the snatch-and-fly? Or will they just wing it and hope for the best?

Either way, their antics are sure to add an extra sprinkle of hilarity to the festivities.

So, if you’re in Dundee this weekend, grab your camera, hold onto your snacks, and get ready for a gull-darn good time at the Dundee Food Festival. Bon appétit, and watch out for the beaks!


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